The common factor behind any inventions is an insatiable hunger to improve experiences of life. But somehow among the commotion of our mundane world, most of us forget to uncover our full potential because of social pressures and conditioning. The effort behind this blog is to create that desire in the readers to reach their full potential. Because you search for food only when you are craving it. However, the hunger of reaching super consciousness continues to be suppressed by societies for centuries. Yet we would appeal to you to not be a follower but learn to lead your own way by pushing your limits whether it’s your own inner world or outer. Get out of your comfort zone and discover your own path to reach to success and find happiness. Don’t be the one of them who wants everything ready-made as it annihilates your own creativity and uniqueness. The purpose of the blog is to help people to walk on the path of spirituality along with stepping up the stairs of their careers. We want to help people to direct them thru in all aspects of their lives. Like how to attain the individuality. We believe that everyone has the potential to become a Buddha or a wealthy man, it’s just a matter of choice, efforts, and the guidance they get.