What is detoxification and how to detox your body in a natural way?

Detox - How to do it in a natural way!

Before we get to know how to detox your body, we’ll know what does detox mean and why is it necessary for your body.


What is detox?

Our bodies have a process of collecting unhealthy substances through our skin, the air we breathe in and the food we eat. Our bodies remove these substances daily to keep us healthy.
Because of our lousy lifestyle and poor eating habits, we make our bodies sick. Our fast-paced lifestyle, bad sleeping routine and poor eating habits interrupt and damage our body’s natural cleansing, repairing and healing process.
Detoxification is a cleansing process and by detoxing, we give our body a chance to perform this cleansing process.
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3 fundamentals of human body – well-known yet neglected

Has it ever occurred to as what does your body need at a vital/elementary level to remain in a healthy state?
As the digital revolution continues to happen around us, news spreads faster than ever before. Several types of research are taking place about human bodies and we are continually being made aware of plenty of new chronic diseases on a regular basis. This instills fear in you.
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Have you been ignoring your body intelligence?

As the entire world is digitally connected people are becoming more aware of their health and well being by learning new information from the internet. To gain better health people try and test almost every newly launched product in the market. some people religiously and blindly follow those whoever says that they can help them regain health. This article is to explain how your own body intelligence can help you regain health.
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How to control emotions – The little known territory

Emotions are part of each and every human being. It won’t be wrong to say that emotions make us humans and differentiate us from other organisms on this planet. Yet many of us try to escape or get rid of them which is impossible. You can create an illusion for yourself that you have no emotions only by burying them under layers inside you. But you cannot be free from them unless you reach your superconsciousness.
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How to deal with Depression

How to fight with Depression

These days a large number of people are facing ‘Depression’. Depression is a state of mind, in other words, a psychological disorder when you feel anxiety and negative thoughts come across the mind every moment. Has it ever happened that you felt your life has no meaning? Read More

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