How to control emotions – The little known territory

How to control emotions – The little known territory

Emotions are part of each and every human being. It won’t be wrong to say that emotions make us humans and differentiate us from other organisms on this planet. Yet many of us try to escape or get rid of them which is impossible. You can create an illusion for yourself that you have no emotions only by burying them under layers inside you. But you cannot be free from them unless you reach your superconsciousness.

Yet, emotions are an integral part of you. It works as driving energy within you, which affects your actions. Hence, how you choose to express these emotions become significant. Do you express them in a positive manner or a negative one?

Before an understanding of how to control your emotions, it would be better to understand emotions. What happens inside you when emotions arise? Emotions generate a lot of energy in your body. Anger generates one of the most powerful one in us. Now, what do you think; how to use this energy? Should you show this anger toward others or hurt? Should you burst into tears when hurt?

I think neither of these is likable. Because after expressing your anger, you start feeling bad about it. You spoil both your day and another person’s day. You don’t want to do it, yet you do it again and again. It happens with many people, almost everyone has this behavior. Anger is not the only problematic emotion, there are many others too. For eg when you are hurt, you don’t say that you are hurt.

You don’t accept it but shout at others for hurting you. I have heard from many girls that they scream and shout at their partners when they are hurt. They can’t keep calm. Although this is a very basic nature of women for some it blows out of proportion. Some women unknowingly cross the line. It all happens because no one has ever taught how to deal with emotions.

We have been taught the nature of matters, solids, liquid, gas, etc. But we are not taught the essence of humans. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to start something.

Let’s explore the different ways to deal with our own emotions.

1. Accept your emotions

The elementary step is accepting your emotions. Don’t criticize yourself, but accept emotions as part of you. They are there for a reason. They are what make you a sentient being, a human being. Be kind to yourself.

2. Evaluate your emotions

How would you do that? Start analyzing your behavior in a particular situation. For eg when do you feel most angry? At what place? Around whom? What kind of emotions generally occurs? Which are the rare? Like many people don’t cry much and many have anger issues. Some of them are sadistic kind. Explore your own emotions. Once in a while crying is acceptable, nothing to feel wrong about it.

3. Explore your trigger point

What kind of events make you angry or sad or cry/ Find out these trigger points. Anticipate your emotions in such occurrence of events and prepare yourself well that how are you going to express your emotions. You may not be able to do it in a day or two. But you will soon be able to alter your ways.

4. observe your food

Food plays a major role in your emotional outburst. Many people feel depressed or angry after consuming sugar and alcohol. Yes, alcohol can make you more depressed instead of enhancing your mood. Different food combinations work distinctively on different people.

Some people get angry after consuming rum or white wine. Some people burst into anger and become violent after consuming milk-based chocolates. On the other hand, some burst into tears after eating dark chocolate. Even common food such as caffeine can also affect you. Therefore know your food thoroughly not only for physical fitness but emotional well being as well.

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Kia Singh

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