How to control emotions – The little known territory

How to control emotions – The little known territory

5. Don’t suppress your emotions

Suppressing of emotions is never advisable. It can make you ill. We keep on filling up and burst like volcanoes. Rather find ways which work for you to flow that energy out. Try some of these:

  • Deep breath / Diaphragmatic breathing. Exhale with a little force, inhale deeply and slowly.
  • Make a fist, use your whole force to keep it closed, then after 5 seconds release it, repeat it constantly until you feel relaxed.
  • Go into alone space as a restroom or your own room and make expressions like you are shouting while standing in front of a mirror. Don’t use voice but only physical impressions.
  • Take a cushion or punching bag and punch it forcefully.
  • When you feel to outburst in anger then leave that particular place or situation immediately. Leave the moment of heat. This will change the flow of energy by taking your focus away from the thing that is causing you intense anger.
  • Dance or sing. You can release any kind of emotions in dance or by singing.
  • Make a special collection of music which you can listen in particular situations. Like, mind relaxing music when you are angry or depressed. Celebration kind of music when you feel sad or alone.
  • If you have a lot of emotional issues then include meditation in your routine.
  • Go for walk or jog when you are flooded with emotional energy. This will transform your energy.
  • When you are angry at someone, take a day away from that person. Tell him/her that you will reply tomorrow. Sleepover it and answer the next day. You may not feel that same level of anger the next day.
  • Think about some delightful moments which has happened in the past to distract your mind from the present unpleasant moment.

These all above are the ways to transform your emotional energy into creativity.

6. Analyze your routine

Emotions outbursts are the result of our everyday routine and our surroundings. The way we live affects us emotionally. Day to day stress can make you imbalanced. Therefore make a productive routine yet balanced one. Live consciously and take control of your life.

All of these go hand in hand. For eg., When you are not consciously living, then you tend to be ignorant toward your emotions. You may not even know where do they come from and eventually flow with them. Do at least one thing each day that you like most for eg., dance, painting, take long walks, etc.

7. Watch your emotions

Emotions disappear if you start watching them constantly. Do it without judging and analyzing them. They are neither good nor bad. Just watch them like you are watching someone else. Be silent watcher.

The major reasons behind the emotions are either pleasure or pain. When you feel pleasure, you become happy and celebrate. When you feel pain, you become angry, sad, cry, depressed, etc. You keep on swinging from one extreme corner to another. Try to find the balance – the balance of eternal joy.

Start knowing your emotions from upper layers and go deeper inside you. Soon you will find the emotions are energies which can be transformed into something creative. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You have been living your existing way for so many years. It takes time to develop new habits. So give some time to yourself while working on emotions.

Impatience will create more trouble for you by generating frustration. Though emotions are momentarily but have a great impact on your life. Once you understand your emotions, you will be closer to yourself. Consequently, you will know how to live life with your heart rather opposing it by suppressing your feelings.

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