Taking control of your life

Taking control of your life

Life some years ago seemed to be quite easy as there were not many nuisances created by mankind. Nowadays, humans are inventing so much every other day with a misconception that they can make life easier. Technology is progressing by leaps and bounds making it an exhausting task to keep a track of everything. A few years ago when there was no internet, no one was bothered about what was happening in the other parts of the world.

But after the explosive arrival of social media in our lives, we are more eager to know what is happening in another’s life, and not only one person but the whole world. As a creature in this world, humans are the most curious of all others who have ever existed on this earth. We keep on flowing with the curiosity and feed ourselves with all sorts of excess knowledge along with what we actually need.

Despite knowing the fact that it will make our life full of chaos as there is so much happening in our brain. Humans are evolving rapidly as more intelligent species. Most significantly, we did not learn how to balance ourselves, our intelligence and our surroundings before making it intricate. As a result, this intelligence is also contributing to unbalancing to our lives.

We want everything despite knowing the fact that so many things won’t even serve any purpose to us. Humans have become more resource-hungry beings. They only see their outer side. We don’t have time to look into ourselves. Then how will we balance ourselves without looking inward? Because balancing starts from within us. We determine one thing but we do the opposite.

We keep on collecting things outside which have no relation to our inner world. This does not mean that you should not live a materialistic life. But becoming aware of the fact that all these materialistic things are just meant to live and enjoy life. They are not your possessions. These things won’t be yours forever. These are just means; not the ultimate purpose. You tend to forget the truth.

You start running after these desires and keep on creating a web around you. You don’t even have time to stop for a moment and take a look around to see that you have created. But when due to any unusual event you happened to stop, you realize that you are in the middle of the web and there is no way out. An exit is there but you can’t find it because it’s somewhere in the mess you have created around you.

At this moment of the encounter of your own doing, one question strikes in your mind “How can I get out of this web?” To find the answer to this question will you go to others and ask them “How can I come out?”, “How to get my life back?”, “How to take control of my life?. These people may make you more confused. Because they themselves might be in a situation like you.

We humans may seem different and are unique without any doubt, yet basic nature is the same. This is the fundamental which all psychologies are based upon. You will search for the answer at the wrong places. All the answers are within you, but you will keep on seeking them outside. Therefore take a moment and reach inside. Let’s explore how to detangle everything:

1. Realization

It is the very first step towards awareness. When you understand clearly that you are doing something wrong, you tend to be more cautious to make it right. Now start moving forward to know how to come out of all this and live your life in a more natural way. That too without creating this web once again.

You may like to detangle everything without losing your livelihood, which is quite coherent. Certainly, you must take some time out of your routine to meditate. So that it can calm your mind and help you to cope up with stress and anxiety that you will go through while this whole process of change.

Meditation shows you the path. Gear yourself up for that which is coming to your way. Remember this, your mind has got the habit to live in an existing way, to reverse everything you will have to face resistance from your own mind and body. The change is an arduous phenomenon that requires a lot of strength, both mental and physical.

1. Indulge in some exercise

Do exercise or physical activity to keep your body healthy. This will aid you to maintain good mental health as well which has significance as equal to physical health. It can be anything of your interest.

2. write down everything you want

Write down everything you desire in your life. Write down everything that you have and serves a purpose to you separately. Keep it with you in records. This will give you clarity about what you already have and what you want more in life. If happiness is one of your desires then write it on that list.

On the other hand, write down the things separately that doesn’t serve any purpose. Make up your mind to let it go. It can be a bad habit, a toxic person, an activity, possession or any such thing for that matter. Rather than spending time on useless things do something more joyful. Like dancing on your favorite music or take long walks.

3. Divide your active time wisely

For example, you may be working 12 hours including traveling to work and back home. And let’s say you sleep for 6 hours. As such you are left with 6 hours only. How would you like to spend these 6 hours? Keep in your mind that these 6 hours a day are your only chance to live your life on your own terms. You will never get them back. So whatever you decide to do, do it with totality.

I hope you don’t like to spend this time on social media with unknown people. I would prefer to spend on myself by meditating and dancing to celebrate the life I have got. Who knows, maybe I am in this world, in this life, after a long wait. Life is precious.

On that account, live moment to moment. Celebrate life with your loved ones. Rejoice the world. For celebrating the life you don’t have to wait until your birthday. Birthday is merely a day when you came to this world but life is here, now, happening every, moment with your every breath. Don’t waste it on petty matters or think too much. Just enjoy it.

Dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat. That reason, that music is enough to celebrate every single day. Read more about the purpose of life in the article “The purpose of life – Demystified.”

4. Fix a time for social media

Schedule time for social media and other social activities, if you have to socialize a lot, due to your work to connect to the outer world. Create some imaginary boundaries. Take time for yourself and celebrate your existence every day. Neither wait for holidays nor leave it for tomorrow.

Do it today, Do it now. Fixing time for social interactions doesn’t mean only physically but mentally too. It will be of no use if you keep on thinking about “what might be happening on my Facebook page while I am away?”.

5. Stop reading material which is not needed

I understand these days you may have to keep yourself updated to perform better at your job. But limit your curiosity on other useless articles and books. It will remain as garbage in a part of your brain and will come to surface from time to time.

Would you like garbage around you in any form? Then why keep collecting it in your brain? What your neighbors are doing is none of your business. So put some limits to everything you read or watch or listen. Avoid totally these staff gossips at work. Don’t be so serious about life. Everything in this world is going to be here even after you die. So why to make everything so serious?

If you missed your targets, that is all right. Put more efforts next time. Why worry so much and cry a river for this? Your inner self is more important than your outer world. So for this outer world – Live it, achieve it and leave it. Remember this, your life is about what you chose it to be, who you choose to be in it and how you experience it. Make the right choice. Live more consciously. I have written about conscious living in another article.

6. Emotions are a driving force for humans to do anything

Therefore work on your emotions. Don’t suppress them but release them. Don’t let your emotions decide what you want to do with your life. But be conscious while taking any decision. Alertness can prevent you from making the same mistakes that are done in the past.

As a result, you won’t happen to clutter yourself again like before. Overwhelming emotions are dangerous. They can make you do blunders at times. Don’t glide with your feelings. Be realistic for your life and for emotions as well. Read How to deal with emotions to know more about this topic.

7. Untangle your surrounding

Untangle everything, but one by one. If you will try all at once it may tangle even more. Keep in your mind that it’s in the outer world due to your own actions. You did all that to try something new or thought that was best for you. So don’t feel bad about it rather enjoy the fact that you experience these and now you know the fact.

From your inner core, you are always fine and clutter-free. These outer choices can be dropped anytime by your own choice. They can’t be permanent without your permission. Therefore learn to drop them when and how you want. Lead your life on your conditions and choices.

In gist, to take control of your life back, you need to keep what you really need in your life and let go of what you don’t need. Rather than collecting useless things or negativities around yourself. Don’t be a collector but live life fully.

Kia Singh

Kia Singh is an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, writer, and life coach. She writes to convey her own life experiences which has inspired many in their life journey. In leisure time, Kia is found sticking to books or reading science research papers. You can reach her at [email protected]

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