A step-by-step Guide to do Mantra Meditation

A step-by-step Guide to do Mantra Meditation

What is Mantra Meditation?

As the name suggests, in mantra meditation you do mantra chanting. This mantra can be anything like Om, Ram, or anything you like. Mantra chanting is a simple technique of meditation for beginners mostly. But if you do it correctly, it can help you a lot to reach the silent state of mind.


Why should I do it?

Mantra meditation is based on the idea of sound energy in the universe. You use sound energy to penetrate your inner center. When you are in sync with the rhythm of your body, only then silence happens. You not only hear sound through your ears but also every pore of your body. Sound impacts your blood circulation, nervous system, and generates different feelings & energies. Sound can energize you or calm your nerves down.

This is considered to be one of the best meditation techniques.

Sound has its effect on your body like different musical notes affect different chakras in our body.

Mantra meditation

It is scientifically proven that all matter responds to sound or vibration. When a sound or vibration is applied to a body, it responds by creating its pattern in the body. This phenomenon was experimented with by Ernst Chladni (German Physicist). It’s called the Chladni pattern. In this experiment, he produced visible patterns on the sand by using sound frequency.

In the same way, we are also affected by a large number of sounds and vibrations in our daily life, and this infuses a variety of emotions in us.

Mantra meditation works in the same way. It uses sound and vibration to heal our body, clear the blockages, and bring awareness.


The correct way to do Mantra Meditation?

Prepare your sacred place: If you are doing it out in nature then you just have to find a silent place where no one disturbs you and you can sit for the whole session in a comfortable position.

If you are planning to do it indoors, then keep the lights dim. You can also use blindfolds if you feel necessary.

Meditation music: Music is always a personal choice. If you want to play some background music, then do it. Keep it on low volume. You must be able to hear your voice clearly while mantra chanting.

Sit in a still and comfortable position: Sit cross-legged on a meditation cushion or chair. Make sure you are comfortable in this position because you need to sit relaxed yet alert for a long time. It is difficult to sit on a hard surface. Don’t be harsh to your body while meditation. It’s necessary to be as comfortable as you can while you’re sitting.

You can choose any mudra (posture) as per your comfort.

Mantra meditation

Decide which mantra you want to use: I prefer Om. Why? I will tell you the reason in a bit. Decide the one you want to use. Just keep it short and simple. Generally, I suggest Om or Ram.

Relax your body: Inspect from top of your head to toe and make sure your whole body is relaxed.

You can check your toes whether they are relaxed or not.

How will you check it? Tense your toe muscles and then release them. You will know now that they are in a relaxed position. Then check your feet, legs, your root chakra, stomach, your shoulders, arms, hands, your facial muscle. Check every part of your body and command it to relax. Speak to your body. It’s up to you if you want to use words or just use your heart to command. Just remember to keep your back straight throughout the session.

Close your eyes: You need to keep your eyes closed. It will help you to jump into a meditative state more easily.

Recite the mantra: Now that you are settled in the position, let’s start reciting the mantra in a moderate volume. Remember, you should relax while reciting the mantra. Breathe gently. Breathe in and recite the mantra while breathing out. Do it slow and steady.

Chanting seems very easy. But it won’t benefit you if you don’t do it correctly. That’s why you may have heard people saying that mediation didn’t make any difference in their lives.

As you recite the mantra, you will realize that the sound wave will start from the throat and will expand in all directions, towards your brain and navel, then the last consonant of the mantra will strike on the root chakra below your navel. This last hit on the root chakra will break the obstruction in breathing as well as your thoughts. It will clear the path for the sound wave throughout your body.

Why Om?: I use ‘Om’ because it has an ‘m’ sound at the end which strikes best on the root chakra.

This sound will echo inside your body. You will feel it as a tornado inside.

If the mantra doesn’t create this sound storm inside, you better understand it well that you must be doing something wrong.

The purpose of the mantra is to generate vibration through sound waves in your body. Your whole body will feel that vibration.

Repeat the mantra: Whether you do it for 10 min or 1 hour, do it with totality.

Follow the above steps repeatedly without any mistake and be gentle with your body.

Sit silently: After 10 min or 1 hour, whatever duration you have decided, stop the chanting and sit silently for 5 minutes. Relax your vocal muscles. Feel the sound waves traveling throughout your body and observe the silence.

Open your eyes: After 5 minutes, open your eyes gently. Keep silent for some time after sitting. Stay relaxed.

You have completed your meditation session. You can continue with your routine.


Tips to remember

Keep practicing: It may take some days to feel the depth of this meditation, so keep practicing.

Wear comfortable clothes: Wear loose and comfortable clothes for a meditation sitting. If possible then keep two pairs of clothing for alternate days and wear them only for meditation.

Use the same place: If possible, use the same place for every session as it can help you by concentrating the energy in one place. After some days, your body and mind will slip into meditation as soon as you sit at that place.

Diaphragmatic breathing: Do Diaphragmatic Breathing while meditation. Do not obstruct your breathing or your sound.

Stay aware: Be watchful without interfering with the sitting. Be present at the moment. Feel everything (energy, sound, silence, etc.) that is happening inside you. Accept it as it is.

Don’t fall for the mind games: If you are seeing any visions or feeling restlessness in any part of your body, ignore it. These are mind games which mind plays when you try to be the master of your own body. Your mind will trick you to distract you from this path. Because it wants to stay the master of your body by keeping it the same way it used to be.

Just do it: Don’t try to understand the logic of any meditation technique. Just do it and experience it on your own.

After your meditation, you will carry this humming sound within you for the rest of the day. This will make you feel pure from the inside. You will feel a new energy in your body.

And after some days of practice, you will feel peaceful and in tune with yourself. The humming sound (the mantra) will be there inside you all the time. If this technique suits you and you feel comfortable doing it, then keep on practicing. You will see its effects soon.

Kia Singh

Kia Singh is an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, writer, and life coach. She writes to convey her own life experiences which has inspired many in their life journey. In leisure time, Kia is found sticking to books or reading science research papers. You can reach her at [email protected]


    Shyla Posted on1:25 am - January 3, 2021

    I have always wanted to try meditation but had never had it explained so clearly. Thank you for such an inciteful post! I may give this a try and add it to my daily routine.

      Kia Singh Posted on12:00 am - March 11, 2021

      Thank you Shyla. You are such a wonderful person and inspiring too.

    Diana Posted on3:48 am - March 31, 2021

    Thanks for sharing these tips! these tips have been helpful for me as I am starting meditation again 😇

      Kia Singh Posted on6:10 pm - March 31, 2021

      I am glad I could be helpful.
      Thanks so much for writing.

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