3 fundamentals of human body – well-known yet neglected

3 fundamentals of human body – well-known yet neglected

Some major nutrient deficiencies which people are experiencing these days are:

Vitamin B12

The function of Vitamin B12 is to generate red blood cells, to regulate DNA and keep the nervous system healthy. Red blood cells are required to carry oxygen to every part of the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency can further lead to Iron deficiency. Also, it is relevant to mention this vitamin is generally found in animal products such as Dairy products, eggs, chicken, etc.
Most vegans are at a higher risk of developing the deficiency of this vitamin.
Also, people suffering from chronic diseases such as celiac disease and other digestion-related diseases are susceptible to deficiency of this vitamin. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause various symptoms such as weakness, tiredness, or lightheadedness to a more severe form of hallucination, and other nervous diseases.

Vitamin D

Commonly known as the sunshine vitamin. The deficiency of the same can lead to severe bone degeneration, chronic fatigue and tiredness, depression, and Hair and Bone Loss. Most office goers who lead a sedentary lifestyle and those of you who just keep moving from one screen to another are highly prone to deficient of this vitamin. Luckily for us, our body can actually manufacture this wonderful vitamin by getting exposure to sunlight.


Iron is vital for blood formation in the body. Iron is extremely important for transferring Oxygen in your blood. as we all know that oxygen is the lifeline of all living organisms.
These deficiencies can also lead to eating disorders, food intolerance, Fatigue disorders.
Thus you can see how different functions like water balancing, Nerve signaling, digestions, etc. are being performed by these nutrients at the basic level in your body. By curing these deficiencies you can maintain the health and growth of your body.

2. Oxygen

Everyone knows that we need oxygen to live, yet many ignore its vital role in health. Oxygen is as needed as all the nutrients. If there is not enough oxygen in your blood, regular functions and immunity get affected adversely. The lack of Oxygen can create severe chaos inside your body which you might not be aware of. So if you are low in oxygen, then your body function will deteriorate and you will perennially feel that you are out of breath in simple activities.
Moreover, chronic fatigue and laziness will be your new best buddies and consequently, your productivity and health will deteriorate further. This will ensure a vicious cycle and ultimately it can lead to a very early demise or permanent disability of some sort or the other.

3. Water

Our body is composed of approximately 70% water. So you can imagine how important water is. Lack of water causes dehydration. As our elders always used to instruct us to drink more and more water. Dehydration can affect your body functions. Sometimes you may even mistake the dehydration for some disease.
for example, when we play a sport and then return home and we feel anxious and restless. It is just that we are dehydrated and that deficit of water is the cause of our restlessness. Drinking water soothes us and calms us. However, everybody has their own need for water according to other salts, sugar and mineral levels in the body. Water should be taken according to one’s needs. Some people might need a bit more water if they sweat more while others might need comparatively lesser quantity.

In gist, you can see how these basics can help you maintain health and prevent chronic diseases at your body’s foundation level.
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Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional. The sole purpose of this article is to share my personal experience with the readers and to spread general awareness so that they can be benefited. I personally follow Ayurveda and natural ways to take care of my health. Home remedies are my best buddies.

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    Alexandra Wrigley Posted on2:16 pm - April 12, 2019

    I’m all about health however I have to admit I neglect some of these vital things. Often because I become busy. I must start taking note of these as we only get one body.

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