3 fundamentals of human body – well-known yet neglected

3 fundamentals of human body – well-known yet neglected

Has it ever occurred to as what does your body need at a vital/elementary level to remain in a healthy state?
As the digital revolution continues to happen around us, news spreads faster than ever before. Several types of research are taking place about human bodies and we are continually being made aware of plenty of new chronic diseases on a regular basis. This instills fear in you.

At the subconscious level, this information affects your very way of living and the choices you make. There are so many articles I come across on various websites that suggest as to what to do or what to avoid to get a healthy body. A very few people will tell you the truth, that to get a healthy body you don’t need much; all you just need is to work with the basics of your body.
Our bodies are made of cells. At a very basic level, these cells require a certain amount of Macro and Micro-nutrients, Oxygen, and Water to function properly. Most of the diseases occur as a result of the imbalance of these any of the mentioned. Yet most people tend to ignore the importance of such nutrients, Oxygen, and Water and consequently harm their own health and overall well-being. A healthy body means a balanced body at the fundamental level i.e. at the cellular level.

Your body needs these below to maintain health, in an appropriate amount:


1. Nutrients

Everybody has their own unique biological requirements. Some of the effects of the imbalance of nutrients can be as follows:

Nutrient Deficiencies

A Nutrient deficiency takes place when a required amount of nutrient is either not provided or absorbed by the body. The reason can be anything like not taking enough amount of nutrient in the food or not taking a complementary micro-nutrient which is integral to absorb respective macro-nutrient.
For eg. Zinc is needed to absorb calcium by the body. If zinc is not there then no matter how much calcium you take in your daily diet, your body will not absorb the calcium efficiently. Deficiencies can cause many health problems such as skin problems, digestion problem, the problem with daily normal body functioning, and even psychological problems.
Nutrients work at the foundation level of the body. Therefore the deficiency of any nutrient can be difficult to diagnose at the starting point. The symptoms reveal when you have been deficient for a pretty long time. You may not see any symptoms at all in the initial stage.
Moreover, symptoms can vary from person to person. Nutrient deficiencies are difficult to recognize and are mostly mistaken for another disease. For eg., if someone suffers from cold over and again, it can be due to the deficiency of vitamin-c.

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    Alexandra Wrigley Posted on2:16 pm - April 12, 2019

    I’m all about health however I have to admit I neglect some of these vital things. Often because I become busy. I must start taking note of these as we only get one body.

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