Reasons Why You Should Embrace Sensuousness Along with Meditation

Reasons Why You Should Embrace Sensuousness Along with Meditation

These days many of us are running to make our own mark in the world. To do that, people mostly tend to follow what others have achieved and how they have achieved. We forget that our very presence is already of huge importance. Sadly, While running in the race, we forget to live our lives. Even if you win the race, sooner the other race will start. So it’s high time that we learn to realize the greater picture and start learning to truly live our lives.

Evolving or achieving something in life is good until you forget your own presence in the world. Whenever you do something with consciousness, it becomes meditation, but something achieved out of ego becomes a burden. Consciousness keeps you aware of your existence and purpose in the world.
Everything else becomes like a play. In a play, you just have to perform a role/character. You are not the same person whose role you play, therefore you are never burdened with the achievements or mistakes made by that particular character. When you do anything with awareness, mistakes don’t happen. What seems the best today can become a mistake tomorrow.
Life should be spent in that manner. You play different roles in a lifetime. You just have to play your part and enjoy playing it. Don’t let this burden you emotionally or psychologically. Run the race with awareness and don’t let it affect you.
Be present at the moment, live it and enjoy it. As the Roman poet Horace said “carpe diem”. Seize the day my friend. Instead of brooding over your past or daydreaming of your perfect future, learn to respect and love the present.
Even if you leave a mark in the world, don’t let it enhance your ego. Otherwise, you will stop growing. Supplementing ego can be self-destroying. That mark is for others. Many people want that after they die, other people keep them in memory and in their heart. Why should you even bother, what will happen after you die? You won’t have this body to feel pain, love, happiness or anything else.
If you truly want to leave your mark, then enjoy the life to its fullest and grow to your full potential. This way, you may be able to evolve and inspire others to evolve.
Don’t worry about this body or other thoughts for that matter. Everything in this existence changes its form. Nothing ever truly dies. In science also we learn that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to the other. This is one of the most fundamental rules of elementary science. In the same analogy, no one truly dies, they just transform from one form to other.
You want to achieve something, do it, but enjoy while achieving it. Because the time spent on journeys are always the best part, destinations are only milestones. It’s the path you take that matters the most. And it’s the journey, the ups, and downs, the twists, the breaks, the diversion which actually matters. Don’t let yourself to be so engrossed in the destination that you fail to appreciate your experience of the journey.

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