Reasons Why You Should Embrace Sensuousness Along with Meditation

Reasons Why You Should Embrace Sensuousness Along with Meditation

When I started meditation, I thought that I would have to keep myself away from the rest of the world. But after a while, I realized that meditation means being aware of your existence. It doesn’t have anything remotely to renouncing the world. rather I would say it’s just the opposite of renouncing and it’s all truly about enjoying all the aspects of even mundane works. If you love working, then do it with total awareness. That’s life. If you want to fulfill your dreams then do that. You have got this body to embrace this world. The problem starts when we forget our presence and get too much involved with mundane affairs. They start affecting our brains, bodies, and mind. You think of your body as you. You are not your body. This body is like armor. The shape of your body is based on your genes, climate and many other factors. If you stay centered and aware then you may even be happy in pain too.
Practicing meditation keeps you centered, awakened and shows you the righteous path. It doesn’t let you get entangled with trivial matters. This way you live the life to its fullest but without getting affected by outside factors. Undeniably, the more natural ways you live, the more you are connected to the existence.
If you are in the middle of achieving something and the stress levels are increasing, then meditation practice is helpful. But don’t use meditation as medicine only. It has a bigger purpose. Practice meditation in every aspect of life and achieve anything you want in your outer world too. Because when you already know the truth of your own existence and your body, then anything outer will not affect you but fill you with more joy. Keep on walking on your career path with total awareness. You don’t have to become a monk to become aware. Everyone has his/her own capabilities. You can be meditative while sitting on the chair of C.E.O. of a multinational company.
I don’t recommend to leave career aside, because you must learn to live life while taking care of yourself in totality. You must feel the taste of success before renouncing it. It seems easier to renounce something which you have never tasted. But deep down inside, you long for success. This state creates division within you. One side would want it and others will be against it. Excess brings the position of dreariness. Only things you have to do is to remain aware while chasing success, there may be a moment of realization that this all in vain. If you have to leave materialistic things by force then don’t do it. Reach to the state where everything is left by itself, where you don’t have to make extra efforts. Excess of something leads to repugnance. When you reach the ultimate stage, where you have found something bigger, something more significant, materialistic things lose their charm automatically. When you are awakened then neither the existence nor absence of materialistic things matter. Zenism is based on this concept.
If you haven’t tasted success and renounce it before reaching there, you will end up keeping it in the subconscious. On the outside, you will behave like a monk, but subconsciously you will be sulking around for success. You would want success and will fight against your conscious. So it’s better before rejecting anything, taste it first unless it’s poison. Your inner journey cannot be affected by your worldly affairs if you stay aware. Celebrate each part of you and your life whether it’s your inner growth or your outer physical affairs. Celebration and awareness are two things needed for self-transcendence.

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