Turning Passion into Profession – Expectation vs. Reality

Turning Passion into Profession – Expectation vs. Reality

There is a rapid change in how people choose their career now. Just as a few decades ago, people used to study to land a good job. They used to choose to study something which can get themselves a highly paid job, there was a sure thing. The job was like securing one’s future for a lifetime.

These days there is a menace around studying something about which one is passionate. If one person has achieved something by following his / her passion then everyone else becomes sure that he/she can also do the same. But is it really wise to blindly follow what other people have done in his/her life?

Let’s find out more about things to be taken into consideration when one is planning to turn passion into a profession:

1. Are you sure about your passion?

Ask this one question to yourself, that will your passion be the same in the future? Human beings always keep on changing from time to time. Change is the only constant. What may appeal to you as your passion today, might seem like a totally weird thing tomorrow?

You will not be the same person tomorrow what you are today. Your priorities will be different, so will your choices. Wouldn’t it become difficult for you to shift your career into another passion later? The chances are very high that when you start learning something you may find out that you like something more than your existing choice. It happens with many people.

In the beginning, everything feels as if you are going to absolutely excel in that field as human beings are inherently inquisitive by nature. Also, the learning curve is easier in the starting phase. But once you cross the beginners’ threshold your passion might turn in a totally different direction. So be absolutely sure about passion.

2. The outcome when you turn your passion your profession

Find out the realities about you performing your passion under business-minded environment. For eg, you like to write poetry and you turn this into a profession. Will you really be able to write with the same enthusiasm as you do it for free.

Imagine that one of your clients asks you to write something on love when you are going through a break-up or something on a positive attitude when you are facing tremendous pain. It seems very convincing that if one turns his/her passion into a career, he/she grows faster. This is generally what they show on TV and in movies or advertisements. But no one cares to do proper research before taking the big leap of faith.

Passion is followed by your heart. Your heart cannot perform under any kind of pressure. Like, If you like to write, but only write what you feel. You may not want to write on something that others will say. You write directly through the heart when you do it for passion. Writing about something which you don’t like or know is very difficult. You may be capable to write, still, it won’t come through your heart.

Therefore think about it. Can you perform your passion when there are deadlines? Can you perform on other people’s demand and according to their choices?

3. Are you ready to sacrifice comforts?

Following your passion can seem thrilling, but you may have to sacrifice a lot. You may not earn as much as you want. For some starting years, you may not even earn enough. You may have to sleep on a friend’s couch or be dependent on your parents or spouse that too when you are lucky if they are ready to help you.

When your peers will be running on the steps towards success, you may be still struggling at the first step. You may happen to remain at the same stage for a decade or two or whole life. Are you ready to live with less or no money at all? Are you capable to sacrifice the luxurious life that your parents have given to you so far? It’s really not that easy. Take your time before deciding anything.

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Kia Singh

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