Turning Passion into Profession – Expectation vs. Reality

Turning Passion into Profession – Expectation vs. Reality

4. Difference between passion and profession

Passion is followed for the heart, by heart. You connect to it through the heart. A profession is followed by a mind to earn money. There is this basic but huge difference between the two. You have to use the brain to bloom into any profession.

Sometimes for the sake of people who have connected with your profession, you would have to go against your heart. For eg, if you like to take a photograph of nature, but your client asks you to take photos of calamities or tragedies. How will you be able to perform?

What if you are a very sensitive person, and you come across something deadly breathtaking tragedy? You are continuously asked to take such a picture. Then? How long will you survive in such passion turned profession?

5. What is the growth rate in your passion that you want to choose as a profession?

Do some research on it. Don’t be blindly assured or look at the best happening people in the same field. Don’t ignore the failure rate in the same field.

For eg, you may love to be a famous film star. But how many actually achieve that? How many fail? You cannot ignore this by saying that they may not have the talent or they were not me? Am I much more talented? The reality can be that they all were talented enough but didn’t get a chance to show that talent.

6. You may get bored of your passion soon

If you also believe to turn passion into a profession then think again. Many people say that they get bored with their work after some years. It is not because they are not in their passion, but because they don’t know how to live life.

They do the same mistakes as everyone does. They don’t do anything for themselves. They don’t celebrate their existence. Every routine can be lived happily with the right attitude. It’s their boring everyday routine what they got bored of. They forget life and their lifestyle is such which makes the situation worst.

Though everyone varies from person to person. But most of the time it happens. You may also get bored with your passion after some years.

7. Be ready for the hard work your passion demands

Many people have this notion that if they are passionate about something, they will surely be successful easily. That’s not the reality. Everything demands hard work. If you want to be a photographer then be ready to live in tough conditions as forests or secluded, inaccessible places where you will find no facilities.

Sometimes you may not even get food. You will not get a cabin with AC and other facilities that a manager usually gets. If you want to be an entrepreneur then be prepared for not getting enough sleep, work hard 24*7, facing failure, and risk everything.

I would like to share a story related to this article. One of my neighbours used to be mediocre at studies in school. He was born and raised in a very good family where he would get whatever he asked for. He was studying computer science and while completing his course, he got impressed with Steve McCurry. He worked with National Geographic channel. Steve is a very famous photographer and freelancer. My neighbour quit his course and started doing photography with small cameras and mobiles. People started praising his photography skills. So he decided to pursue photography as a profession. In starting it went very well. He was enjoying this newly found passion and was very happy to turn it into the profession. After one year, he became uneasy as he had to leave his comfortable life for his photography. Some days ago I came to know he is doing some clerical job where he can hardly make his ends meet.

This is the harsh reality. Your like and dislikes are dependent on a number of external and internal factors such as your state of mind, Body, surrounding circumstances and even your neighbourhood. However many people get confused and take their liking as their passion. It may so happen that you are elated to hear a guitar and feel that guitar is your passion.

However, once you seriously start to learning the instrument, it might not feel so good after all. Sometimes turning passion into the profession can seem like a golden opportunity. Reality strikes when you are already into it. Therefore, do proper research about your passion as a profession and know about yourself too before making any major decision.

Turning passion into a profession is a great idea if it is based on the realities. The fact is that the top position in every field is few. The number of contenders is very huge. You may have to live an average life while running in the race of achieving that rare position. If you are ready for that then one day you might get that top position. You might become a legend by creating a new top position.

Take a pen & paper, ask as many real questions to yourself and write down everything. If you are not able to pursue your passion as the profession due to any reason then don’t be disheartened. Keep pursuing your passion for yourself if not showing to others. Keep it alive in your routine, don’t bury it inside you. One day you may get a chance to pursue it. Prepare yourself for that opportunity.

Passion is for your heart yet profession is to fulfill your financial needs. If you know how to balance your life then you will figure it our very easily that how to pursue both passion and profession together.

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