Nurture every relationship with consciousness

Nurture every relationship with consciousness

Nurturing Relationship with Consciousness

Humans are social beings. We meet and bond with each other. We need love and affection to fulfill our emotions. Relationship plays a vital role in one’s life. At times it seems tough to deal with some people with whom you are in the relationship. But you love them. You cannot just cut off from them.

Some people keep on carrying their relationships as a burden throughout their life either for the sake of love or social norms. They feel scared to pay heed to these relationships because these are so miserable. They don’t want to discover how these relationships became so sour and what can be done to mend those ties. If they could understand they would have paid more attention with a conscious mind.

So what should you do in such a situation? To have blissful relationships one must nurture relationships with a conscious mind. Healthy relationships don’t happen in a day but take time. They have to be cared for and protected. It’s easier said than done even so efforts are to be made to have long-lasting loving relationships. Let us unravel a few efforts that one needs to do in order to have a fulfilling relationship.

1. Work on yourself

Be aware and more conscious of yourself. Relationships can be part of your life but don’t be so much codependent on others. You must realize that your happiness and sadness should not rely on others, but on yourself.

The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Therefore learn to nurture this relationship. Once you are more conscious of yourself, you will be able to understand the world around you with more cognizances. Read another article “Live a balanced life – A step toward eternal happiness” to learn to live a balanced life.

2. Stop creating images or illusions in your mind

Don’t create images about how others should be with you in the relationship. Don’t expect how should they behave or deal with it. Stop making lists in your mind what you want from others. Rather embrace their characteristics and what they have brought in the relationship.

Every person has his or her personality. Once you start accepting others wholeheartedly for who they are, your love for them will become unconditional. You will be able to see other’s true form. Their actions won’t hurt you anymore. (Read more about this in the article “Forgiveness – The Truth”).

3. A relationship is established just like a child is born

Like a child needs more care in the early days, a relationship also needs the same in the early stage. Once both the persons get to blend in and make a bond then it becomes alive. Then you start living with the other person.

Embrace the relationship. Nurture it with care and love, and then the flower will blossom. Don’t worry when sometimes it seems that something is wrong in the relationship. Just as the tree sheds its old leaves in autumn and new leaves come to replace them in spring. All the disagreements and arguments get solved with time.

4. Communication is a must in every relationship

Communication seems to be very difficult, most of the times due to the limitations of language. Especially in the case of feelings, they are difficult to express in any language.

Also, it’s not sure that what you want to speak, the other person perceives it in the same sense. But keep the fear away. Don’t hide your feeling behind the walls of fear. Let them flow through you and express them so the other person gets a chance to know what you have to say.

5. Sharing is a necessity for every human being

Share your feeling without hesitation. Don’t worry about how another person will take it. He or she may react in the starting but soon will understand what just happened. During tough times don’t leave others in the middle of the storm.

When you have somebody, you don’t leave them aside. You are to be with them, by their side. Do stand for them. A number of individuals start behaving intolerably under numerous circumstances; you need to stay calm and help your loved ones to pass through their rough phase. Don’t leave their side because you feel that their responses are unacceptable. Be compassionate and let your heart go out to your dear ones.

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