Nurture every relationship with consciousness

Nurture every relationship with consciousness

Nurturing Relationship with Consciousness

6. Everyone is unique

How can you disgrace their uniqueness by expecting from them to behave in a certain way? The relationship must be your priority not the flaws of another person. Help them to grow but don’t try to do amendments in their uniqueness.

They are made perfect. They are already what they should be. Rather help them find their actual true nature. Lend them a hand to know their divergent true self. By doing so, they will also become a powerful fellow traveler in your life journey.

7. Giving love should be your aim in a relationship

Relationships are not business about giving and taking. Love is a feeling the more you give the more you are filled with it. Be loving and caring with every person around you. You loved ones will feel the vibes of love and will also filled with love. This is such a treasure that never gets empty by giving it away. So there is no need to ask or demand love.

Giving is enough. Give love not for the person but for yourself. Because it is human nature. You suppress this nature by concentrating more on the other person. You start judging others. You analyze people. Whether this other person deserves love or not; whether it’s a profitable and useful relationship or not. This kind of mindset becomes an obstacle in the way of your loving nature.

You listen to your brain and brain doesn’t support the nature of giving. It knows the math of exchanging values. In a relationship what you are getting is not important to whom you are giving is also not vital. But what you are giving, is the most valuable. You can only give what you have.

If you have love in you then you are bound to give love by your nature. If not then you don’t even have the right to demand love from the other person. So be the center of love. Don’t make the other person the center. Thus your relationship will grow because its roots are your own love.

8. Honesty is the best policy

Be honest about your relationship and also with yourself. Express what you truly are. Say what you have in you. Suppression can only bring miseries. Celebrate your relationships with the truth. Truth brings harmony in the relationships.

If you hide the truth, it has its own ways to reveal itself. You disgrace yourself when you hide your true self from your dear ones or anyone for that matter. Be honest with yourself by revealing your flaws and mistakes. What others will think should not affect your honesty with yourself.

People around you will love for your honesty and will accept you if they want you in their life. If not then you better be without them instead of living a lie. Trust should be an essential element of your relationship.

Trust is not that you trust others or not to behave in a certain manner, but trust them for their nature and their powers. Trust them for whatever they will do be the best of their nature. Don’t oppose their nature. Welcoming their decision should be part of your love. This is the true meaning of trust.

8. Be part of their life journey but don’t affect or force their decisions or actions

Forcing someone can never be acceptable as it makes others do what they do not want. What you wish from others can be expressed as it is your right. But once you have expressed your demands, your part is finished.

Now let other people choose or decide whether they want the same or not. If not then respect their decisions. They can choose not to accept your offer. Don’t fill yourself with hatred towards them. Let them freely prefer what they really like.

9. Taking someone’s freedom away is like killing them

Be like a magnet. Let others be free but still connected with you because of your love. Don’t impose your love on others. Love should be the only force to connect two persons not otherwise. Let others bloom as what they are.

A man or woman becomes the best of themselves and true self when they are free. Otherwise, slaves can merely be obedient not loving and caring. They don’t reciprocate your feelings. Two persons in a relationship should enjoy other’s company as they are traveling together. These should not be any need to bind each other with the choices of beliefs and emotions.

10. Love happens only between two loving people

Every other way is just a business. A relationship should be felt at the depth, not on the surface. To nurture a relationship is time taking like raising a baby or planting a tree. It needs devotion, dedication, and commitment.

When you commit don’t step back. It’s not about the person on the other end of the relationship but about you. You should not be quitter rather fill your relationship with so much love that nothing else matters besides it. Be a king in love, not a beggar.

You yourself must be the axis of the relationships. The other person’s presence should be appreciated not what he or she is giving back. You have got a golden opportunity to be with them. They will be your mirror. In that mirror, you will be able to see yourself, your capabilities. Their presence will help you to grow.

It is impossible for you to see yourself with a mirror. They will reflect on you your true self. If you become miserable around them then it is you. If you become blissful then also it is you. Look at yourself how you behave with them. You get to know yourself with the people in your life. So be thankful to them for being there.

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