The Purpose of Life – Demystified

The Purpose of Life – Demystified

Life is a mystery. Everyone wants to resolve this mystery. There is no end to human curiosity. We are more attracted to mysteries and have a strong desire to resolve them. No one is sure about how and why we came to this life. Though there are many theories about it. Many people have this notion that everyone has a purpose in life. So they start searching for it. Do you also think the same, and are looking for the purpose of life?

The question “What is the purpose of my life?” can be very confusing. Sadly, you may not even be able to find the answer to it at all. Because this question itself is wrong and misleading. Life itself is the purpose of your life. Life is about living it with totality. There can be no other specific purpose in life. You are here to live, to feel alive; to experience the presence of yourself in this world. All other activities are secondary. You may think that your purpose of life is to love, or to achieve happiness, or to become a billionaire. But all these are secondary and can be a part of your existence in this world.

However, this is not everything. While living and enjoying the materialistic things, it is important to live all the moments and feel everything that coexists around you deeply. Don’t fall for philosophical reasoning because these are only the ideas about the possibilities of the purpose of life according to how human beings have been living for thousands of years. That cannot be the truth because that is based on the past. These are only ideologies.

Being who you are, is the most important

Stop changing yourself to meet the expectations of others. You are exactly what and where existence wants you to be. Existence has made everyone unique. Why? Because it knows better; It knows where a person should be and how a person should be. Stop beating yourself for what you are not, but appreciate who you are and what you are.

People may try to change you or force you to change. But then you won’t be yourself anymore. You may copy someone and pretend to be like someone else. But then you will lose your true self. People may generate self-doubt in you. Don’t get affected by it. If you are intelligent enough then you will be able to see behind those people’s intentions.

You will realize that what they are asking you to be is their imaginary form. You have nothing to do with it. If it was not you then they would have done the same with the other person. They don’t want you; they want someone who resembles the image in their mind. They want you to imitate what you are not. If you have someone who does the same with you, then make them realize that they should break that image before dealing with you.

Being you is not that difficult

It’s not that difficult to be YOU, but the people around you make it difficult for you by creating confusion in your mind. So when someone asks you to change, then watch it carefully that “is it really about you or about their own thought?” and act accordingly.

Use your own intelligence. Live your life as who you are. The only reason for aspects of improvements are left in you is so that you can also contribute to your own life. Thus you will evolve. This life is yours and you must have choices to make as for where you would like to take your life and in a way, you would like to live it.

It is like carving a statue. It’s up to you how you want your life to be. If you want to improve and change then it is really appreciable. Change is a positive phenomenon in life. It should always be there. Change is necessary for growth. So change to grow higher but not just to fulfill other’s desires or expectations.

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Kia Singh

Kia Singh is an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, writer, and life coach. She writes to convey her own life experiences which has inspired many in their life journey. In leisure time, Kia is found sticking to books or reading science research papers. You can reach her at [email protected]

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