The Purpose of Life – Demystified

The Purpose of Life – Demystified

There is no goal to reach

Another aspect to consider is that Life itself is a goal. You have already reached there. Life is to live the moments. For living each moment in life, you will have to stop running. Take it easy. Live moments, but what you actually do is the opposite. You run after another moment while you are still at a moment. You keep on jumping from one moment to another. You don’t realize that you will never get these precious moments back.

Ironically, when these moments have passed, you get yourself indulged in thinking about the past. As to how you could have lived those moments; how you could be more aware of those moments. You are always stuck in the past and future rather than cherishing the present moment. You have got this life to embrace this opportunity. You have nowhere to reach. The goals you make for yourself, for a career or for relationships are temporary. While moving forward to achieve these goals, don’t forget to live life.

Be lively and feel that deep inside you that you are part of this existence. Don’t rush. Take a deep breath every now and then, relax and take a look around you and on yourself; be mindful. Live with totality. Bring wholeness to your actions. Do your karma, and results will follow it; embrace those moments while doing it and live it. Why bother about the afterlife; whether you will live again or not. Handle it first what you have in your hands right now “the life”. Your breath is the most magical event in this world.

Do you also run after those desires of getting everything done in this one life?

For example, you want to pursue everything available or you come to contact with. Having this desire every now and then – “I would like to try this — at least once in my life”, You must have realized these desires are never-ending. After you get one desire fulfilled you will crave for another one.

Give it a thought.

Why do you have to do everything? When anyways you are not going to feel content? Human brains are like that they can never get fulfilled. You don’t have to do everything to feel that ultimate satisfaction. You just need to bring awareness and indulge in every activity with totality. Stop competing with time. It won’t bring you any peace. Enjoy your actions like you are dancing on your favorite music.

Beware, you may get lost while searching for the purpose of your life

You may not leave any stone unturned to find it. But while doing so, you may lose a life. In the end, you may find that life has already passed by while you were too busy searching for its purpose. You already lost the chance to live it. Some people spent life miserably but some live it with an open heart. Life should be celebrated.

Celebrate your existence in this world. This is of significance that you exist in this world. You are here to cherish your life. You may not get this chance again. Just feel yourself being here and live these moments you have got. It doesn’t mean that you renounce the world, but you live it with totality. Enjoy whatever you have got. Live with your total potential.

Blossom like flowers. Flowers don’t bloom for any purpose, they just bloom. Trees don’t achieve anything, but they live. Whole existence evolves from time to time. New lives come to existence and old ones depart from here. Only humans are stuck in this question of finding their purpose in life, no other creature is.

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Kia Singh

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