Organize your mind to achieve anything in your life

Organize your mind to achieve anything in your life

Organise your Mind

Creating the desired life is never easy. It takes lots of efforts and right choices. Since childhood, you keep on absorbing every information around you. You don’t realize that you need to sort this information while storing it and it is so because no one teaches you to do this.

All this enormous information creates a complex mind. It includes survival skills, behavioral skills, emotions, etc. Everything which makes your personality. If you don’t organize all this knowledge, you become a confused mind.

A confused, sad, or unpleasant mind will invariably lead you on a wrong path. A path which will neither lead you to your destination nor you will enjoy the journey. You will feel lost all the time without realizing the reason behind it.

Any journey is first planned in mind. You make a mind map and then start walking towards your goal. But if your mind is confused then how will you make a correct map? So before starting any journey organize your mind. Below tactics can be handy to organize the mind:

Note-taking – When you initiate the process of organizing your mind, remember, you have to consider your own thoughts without being influenced by others or what others think. Contemplate what you think, what you feel, what you want without any beliefs and prejudice.

1. Put your mind out on paper

First of all, write down about your current mental, physical and surrounding situations on a paper. Bring everything out of your mind on paper. Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Also, jot down all questions on a paper. Now you have your thoughts on paper.

Organise your Thoughts

2. Prioritize your questions

Take one question at a time. The most important thoughts should be addressed first, which are impacting your current situation most. Prioritizing will help you to decide which problem needs a solution right away and what can be postponed.

Let’s see the famous Eisenhower Matrix:
Sort your thoughts
You should have only one list for both personal and business tasks. This way you will have always have done something for your family / yourself and you won’t feel left out. Also try not to procrastinate too much, not even by over-managing your to-do list.

3. Make a list of Pros and cons of a decision

Your questions should be specific so that they can be evaluated by considering the effects of result.
For example- if you’re confused about your career then the question would be “should I walk on this particular career path or not?” Then your answer will have 2 parts. One side favors and other side downsides of choosing it.
Organise your mind
This answer will give you a clear picture. The most important thing is how do you see yourself in that career in the future. Close your eyes, visualize and feel it. Do you like the feeling where will you be after 5 years by choosing this career or you feel unpleasant? If you feel uncomfortable then this career is definitely not for you.

4. Let it go

once you have the result, make up your mind whether to follow that path or not. If you decide to reject then let this question go. Release it and make yourself understand that this path is not for you, so you don’t need to invest your time and energy on this question by thinking about it all the time. Letting go is one of the most crucial phases in the journey towards your success. Just drop this question.
Let your useless thoughts go away

5. Visualize your decision

if you decide to follow the path, then take one day imagining your future with that decision. Assume that you have taken the decision and you are living it. This way you will be more sure about your decision whether it’s a good decision or not. Do you truly want this future? Will you be content after reaching your destination?
Organise your mind_Visualize

6. Make a road map

Now when you know what you want. Make a road map as to how do you plan to reach your decisions. Anticipate the support you will be getting and discomforts or barriers which you can face on the way. This strategy will prepare you for unpleasant surprises.
Organisze your mind_Road map

7. Start walking towards your goal

After you have created a road map for yourself, you’re ready to walk towards your dream destination.
Organise your mind_Achieve your dreams
Use this method with all the questions in your mind. Sometimes you may find out that your priorities have changed while organizing the thoughts. The problems which seemed most urgent turn out hollow or unimportant. That’s okay if you find that out. This is the exact purpose of organizing the mind, to find a clear picture of your mind. Declutter it, Prioritize it and make decisions.

After you have come to a conclusion about what you want or what you have decided with respect to your current situation, jot down your decisions. Write it on a paper in large font on a wall in your room, where you can read it every now and then. This way you will induce positivity & strength in your decisions.

This will further keep your head straight and focused on your goals. Once your mind is organized, you can achieve anything in life. Your productivity will be increased as you will be doing what needs to be done at that moment, instead of wasting time on thinking mundane things. Therefore, be organized not only physically but mentally too.

This is my success mantra. I have been practicing it for a long time. I hope that it works for you too.
If you think something can be added, please let me know in the comment section.

Kia Singh

Kia Singh is an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, writer, and life coach. She writes to convey her own life experiences which has inspired many in their life journey. In leisure time, Kia is found sticking to books or reading science research papers. You can reach her at [email protected]

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    Jeffrey Posted on11:15 pm - September 29, 2019

    awesome and well organized post. Very easy to follow and implement especially with the pics. Love this and would try it out

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