Why don’t marriages work?

Why don’t marriages work?

Why don't marriages work

Gone are the days when marriage was a lifelong commitment. Broken marriages are a new part of society. What an irony, divorces are in trend. People start thinking about the terms and condition to be applied in case of divorce in the future at the time of the wedding itself. Many people enter into marriages with the thought that if I am not happy then I can take divorce anytime. Marriage has become a “Trial and Error” concept. It’s not a commitment anymore. If one of the partners is abusive and violent then it’s a different scenario. It’s a serious matter. No one should live in such marriages but what about the rest.

Some people even take divorce because his wife doesn’t cook well or his wife earns more than him, or the husband doesn’t earn much or doesn’t help with household chores. Sometimes both partners feel that there is no spark left between them like in the early days of a relationship. They lose charm and interest in marriage. This then leads them towards divorce. Few couples always focus on do’s and don’ts to save their marriage. They forget to check “why their marriage is not working”. Once you know where the problem is it’s easy to solve the problem.

So let’s find out what can be the reason which can force you to end your marriage:


Here is the devil; the big “I”. These days everyone has a huge ego. Everyone thinks that he/she is the best. He/she is always right. Ego is all about excessive self-importance and selfish behavior. Relationships are mostly affected by this ego. As every person feels that he/she is the most important than the other. Everyone thinks “I am always right”; “I deserve to be happy”; “My happiness matters more than the others”; “the other person should always agree to what I say”.

When an argument happens between couples, none of them wants to keep the ego aside and listen to what the other person is saying and feeling. Marriage is about loving each other. But if ego is there then love can’t happen. And without love, marriage does not stand a chance. Ego leads to arguments, disagreements, and anger towards each other. Everyone thinks that the other person should bend down. We care only about ourselves. We don’t pay any heed to what the other person is going through.

Letting go

We have not been taught the art of letting go. We take everything personally, what others say. If we get into argument or have a fight with someone, we don’t forget these bitter experiences. We keep on carrying them with us. We don’t let it go. We don’t release those memories. Anger is suppressed. Slowly, over time, these bitter memories collect inside us. Until one day it becomes an erupting volcano and blasts.

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