Why don’t marriages work?

Why don’t marriages work?

Why don't marriages work

Interference of others

Sometimes relationships don’t end only because of the couple, but because of the other people around them. Many couples don’t understand that they should not let others interfere with their relationship. Couples think that others want well for them, so they won’t harm their relationship. But it’s not true in most cases. As a couple, only you can understand your relationship, no one else can. Many times others can create misunderstanding between both of you.

Don’t give others the freedom to intervene in your relationship, no matter how close the other person is to you. Don’t let others define your relationship. If someone tries to advise, you should stop that person right away and ask him/her to not to cross the limit.

Bitching about each other

Many couples say bad things or criticize their partner in front of family and friends. They don’t mind it as they think they are family and friends. But this way they develop a bad image of their partners in their eyes which is not good for their marriage. As no one likes to be criticized, that too publicly about their personal and private life. They start creating a rift between couples. The other partners start hating their partners for spreading such bad words about him/her.

Not giving enough time to each other

When a couple gets married, they become each other’s priorities. They love each other extremely. But slowly when reality sets in and responsibilities start entering into their lives, their priorities change. They don’t give each other enough time and preference. This leads to a further problem that the romance between them get diminished.

They lose their interest in each other. Thus they don’t even enjoy in bed with each other. This gives rise to another problem that they start avoiding each other in bed too. It is not always necessary that this happens at both ends. It can happen from both sides or either side.

Marriage is a commitment. So no matter what comes to life, the priorities should be to stay together and give each other enough time and love. They should give value to each other’s needs whether it’s mental or physical. I have noticed in so many marriages partners neglect other person’s sexual needs. Couples should always try to keep the fire alive between the two of them.

If anyone is feeling that they are losing interest they should talk to each other and try to find a solution instead of filling with anger inside try to talk it out. In the case of extreme discord, professional help is always recommended. Nevertheless, many couples hesitate to go to professionals as they want to keep their eyes closed for the upfront problem.

This can drift the couples apart. No one wants to accept the truth. What do you think couples should do in such situations and what they do in reality? Do you know any such couples?

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