Why don’t marriages work?

Why don’t marriages work?

Why don't marriages work

If you are married then watch out for these, and about anything happening in your marriage. There can be a number of reasons behind ending a marriage. Even so How many of us realize this that Marriage is not about owning the other person but also about having a companion in life? Anyhow many couples start thinking of each other only as husband and wife; they forget that first of all, husband or wife is also a human being. They have their own identity, desires, and perspectives towards life.

Everyone is unique. Marriage is commitment; commitment to live with your partner through life’s up and down with a full understanding. It can be demolished easily by law but it leaves a huge impact on one’s emotions and life. Is it really okay to run away from a problem instead of solving it? Is it acceptable to leave a partner for petty matters which can be solved if we pay attention; the partner is the person with whom we have spent our most memorable moments of life? Isn’t this our responsibility to accept each other along with the flaws too? Yes, one’s eyes cannot be shut at some flaws. However what about some minor ones?

A person can have so many good qualities too. Shouldn’t they be given more attention and appreciated? Shouldn’t we also do the reality check on ourselves too whether we are really worthy of this commitment or not? Are we reliable enough that our husband/wife can give us his whole life for us? Is my partner only responsible for the marriage? Is it marriage what fails or the couples who drive it on the wrong path? Is anyone asking these questions to himself or herself?

P.S. These above are experiences shared by my family and friends. I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings and to judge anyone.

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