Why don’t marriages work?

Why don’t marriages work?

Why don't marriages work

Not respecting each other’s decision

When someone is married, then both persons are equal and have equal rights to make decisions. Sometimes couples forget this “that the other person will also take decisions which are best for them and their family”.

Someone can think that another person doesn’t have those logical decision making qualities which are needed to make important decisions; so he/she doesn’t trust the other partner’s decision to be right. Such couples don’t respect each other’s decision. This can lead to a huge fight. No one likes his or her decision to be proven wrong.

Don’t understand each other’s dreams

Everyone has his/her own dream. Even girls these days want to achieve something big in their careers. Sometimes we become so obsessed with our own dreams; we forget to ask about our partners’ view. For example, a girl wants to become an engineer; but the husband wants her to become a homemaker. what can be done in such a situation? Both should sit and talk about the solution to it. Right?

But many people don’t think that another person’s dream is also as important as their own. They forget that they are a complementary part of each other. They are not separate entities. They should be together in everything even in each other’s dreams. No one’s dreams are less valuable.

Triggering the anger

Everyone has their own triggering points. Some people don’t like if somebody lies; some don’t like if someone is dishonest; some don’t like to be kept waiting. Everyone has his or her own likes and dislikes. But some dislikes can create huge anger in someone. Some couples don’t understand the seriousness of the issue. They take it lightly and keep on triggering the point of anger in the partner constantly.

Blaming others for our failure

Everything good in our life is achieved by us and everything we lost is all partners fault. This is a very common misconception in our brains. When we start blaming our partner for our failures somewhere subconsciously we start hating him/her. He / She becomes like enemies to us. Slowly over time, this hate takes place of love. No one realizes it until marriage comes to an end, because it happens subconsciously, so silently inside our brains without any awareness about it.

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