Why don’t marriages work?

Why don't marriages work

Gone are the days when marriage was a lifelong commitment. Broken marriages are a new part of society. What an irony, divorces are in trend. People start thinking about the terms and condition to be applied in case of divorce in the future at the time of the wedding itself. Many people enter into marriages with the thought that if I am not happy then I can take divorce anytime. Marriage has become a “Trial and Error” concept. It’s not a commitment anymore. If one of the partners is abusive and violent then it’s a different scenario. It’s a serious matter. No one should live in such marriages but what about the rest.
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How to be more Dateable

Be more dateable

These days every man wants to be ‘Desirable’. To reach this goal people go to the gym to get a perfect physique, go to salons to get a trendy haircut or beard. They follow the routines of film stars to become like one. In all this hustle and bustle, they forget to follow the basic rules to get a good personality. Although in this era, people have easy access to knowledge through the internet, still some of them don’t understand as to what are they doing wrong which makes other people, especially the other gender to keep away from them. If you think you are one of them then this article will definitely help you out.
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Secrets to know before dealing with your angry girlfriend

how to deal with angry girlfriend

Men often get confused when their girlfriend gets angry with them. Oh man, why is it so difficult to cheer up a distant girlfriend? Why is it so difficult to understand what a woman wants? How to deal with their angry girlfriend? The answer is simple.

A man looks at the surface of the problem and immediately starts thinking about what he did wrong and how he will rectify the situation. Instead of focusing on his girlfriend, he thinks about himself. And in this process of self-assessment, he ignores the plight of his girlfriend. He worries about what his woman would like and what would satisfy her.
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