Your Definite Way to Success

At a very young age, life is totally different from the matured people’s life. Youth is like the morning of your life. The youth have all kind of power to bring change, to achieve and make a future, yet they are never taught about their strengths; instead, they are told about their weaknesses.
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How to control emotions – The little known territory

Emotions are part of each and every human being. It won’t be wrong to say that emotions make us humans and differentiate us from other organisms on this planet. Yet many of us try to escape or get rid of them which is impossible. You can create an illusion for yourself that you have no emotions only by burying them under layers inside you. But you cannot be free from them unless you reach your superconsciousness.
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Taking control of your life

Life some years ago seemed to be quite easy as there were not many nuisances created by mankind. Nowadays, humans are inventing so much every other day with a misconception that they can make life easier. Technology is progressing by leaps and bounds making it an exhausting task to keep a track of everything. A few years ago when there was no internet, no one was bothered about what was happening in the other parts of the world.
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How to overcome obstacles

Each and everyone has their self-fulfilling goal set for their life; be it in their career or personal life. Most people set goals and later due to instances of numerous hindrances they give up on their goals. Barriers are part of a successful journey. Many times when you take the initial steps towards your goals you start facing intermittent problems after a few steps. Due to these constant obstacles, you might feel that you are stuck in major problems. Majority of people stay stuck and cry over the problems. A few dare to succeed in dealing with the barrier and get out of that situation. Those who dare, later win. Fortune struck to those who are prepared for obstacles to happen. Moreover, even after the occurrence of unfavored events, they win out due to their willpower. If you are feeling stuck too then this article is for you.
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The Purpose of Life – Demystified

Life is a mystery. Everyone wants to resolve this mystery. There is no end to human curiosity. We are more attracted to mysteries and have a strong desire to resolve them. No one is sure about how and why we came to this life. Though there are many theories about it. Many people have this notion that everyone has a purpose in life. So they start searching for it. Do you also think the same, and are looking for the purpose of life?
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How to get rid of Fear

Fear exists in our mind and is expressed everywhere in our behavior subconsciously. Fear is always there in every aspect of our life. From where does this fear come into our lives? You may have noticed that babies don’t have any fear. In the early days, children are not scared of anything. No one is born with fear.
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